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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Preparing the garden of the heart

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 16

Dad and our children began preparing the ground for our garden. The grass-covered grounds showed evidence of a previously existing garden but no work had been done on it for quite some time.

Today, we were all outside working on the new garden; plowing the ground with forks and uprooting the roots of grass and weeds.

As you survey and assess the ground of your heart to determine what changes you need to make, you may recall a time when you were working away to make changes or to achieve a particular goal. This may bring back memories of how you were at one point in your life.

The memory is evidence of what once existed, just as the overgrown garden on our grounds. But now your experience has also overgrown with grass and weeds; the discouragements and failures of what could have been or what used to be.

You can start afresh with new desires, plans and goals. Begin from where you are, glean lessons learned from your mistakes and get on the journey to changing the garden of your heart and your life inside out.

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