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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Feeling stressed?

During your daily activities, you may face many stressful situations. You may never be able to control what comes your way or how people may react to you, but you do have full control over how you respond to a stressful event which could make a difference in the outcome.

Feeling stressed? Here are a few things you could do to counteract this feeling.

1) Stop – instead of continuing on with the activity that’s causing you to become frustrated and stressed out, stop and walk away. Get your attention off of it.

2) Take a deep breath – taking a deep breath relaxes the body sending oxygen to different parts of your body, including your mind, and releases tension.

3) Refocus your mind – get your mind off the negative aspect of the event. Look at the situation from a positive view point.

4) Gratitude – think of something you’re grateful for, e.g. I’m thankful that I’m healthy or I’m thankful that I’m able to go for a walk today. Expressing thankfulness for what you already have allows you to return to a place of peace.

5) Think clearly – if the situation warrants your immediate attention, think of ways to simple, peaceful resolution.

Stress is unhealthy for our bodies and it could shut out the free flow of creativity.

Strive to handle stressful situations differently, today!

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