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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Changing Inside Out Now! Tending the garden of the heart - Day 14

Qualities of a fertile, nutrient-enriched heart

When soil is nutrient-enriched, it is very easy to work with, for you, the gardener, as well as, for the seeds that are sown in it. Hard soil is difficult to work with and needs a lot of hands-on treatment to loosen it.

In high school, our agriculture class had a project to work on. Each student was given a small area to grow a garden. The most tedious part was getting the land ready.

Many of us worked the hard soil. When we tried to turn over the soil with the forks, we'd rock back and forth on them for a while before the soil loosened. Some of the guys in my class had a secret method. You could tell the difference between the ones who really took the time to nurture the soil back to health because it was soft and now easy to work with compared to the ones who perhaps didn't have a clue as to how to restore the soil to a healthy state to produce healthy crop.

When the soil of your heart is well nourished, you find it easy to get along with others and others with you. Consider the following as evidence of a nutrient-enriched heart and compare them to your own:

Nutrient-enriched soil: easy to work with, soft, absorbs water easily, seeds germinate well

Nutrient-enriched heart:
- willingness to learn
- willingness to change
- easy to work with/get along with
- has a wealth of information
- willing to share with others
- is receptive of others
- is flexible
- teachable
- people are drawn to you
- happy
- joyful
- fun

Where do you see yourself? Need some working on? Ignoring that area and saying, "Oh, well, that's the way I am," is not the way to deal with it. Recognizing there is a deficiency is the first step to creating change.

Many of us have deficiencies in different areas of our lives. Recognizing where you are and finding ways to enrich that area of your life is certainly a step in the right direction to creating change and a balanced life.

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