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Friday, April 24, 2009

Protecting the garden of the heart - Part 3

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 21

Eradicating weeds

In order for a garden to thrive, eradicating weeds is necessary to ensure proper plant growth.

What damage can weeds do to your garden?

Weeds strangle your plants and also compete with them for the nutrients in the soil.

Weeds of the heart

In the same way weeds are detrimental to your garden, internal weeds are detrimental to your heart.

How do you identify the weeds of the heart?

Identify those internal and external issues that are draining your energy and sucking the life from you. What about those things that are making you depressed? Consider past hurts; are you rehashing them?

Take each issue and dig deep down to find the root cause of it. Ask as many questions necessary to find the answer. Once you've identified the root, how could you eradicate it completely?

1) Make a decision that you would remove it from your life; whether it's an internal (heart issue) or external issue (environment or other people related issue).

2) If this issue could physically be removed or changed, then do so.

3) If it's an internal issue (i.e. a hurt, negative emotion), make a conscious shifting of your thought pattern. Stop feeding it with your dwelling on it. Begin to engage in more positive thoughts, finding the good out of bad situations or finding some other positive aspect of your life to focus on.

Regular inspection of the garden of your heart will keep weeds from overtaking it and allow you to grow to your fullest potential to enjoy life.

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