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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Follow inner guidance

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 27

Plants and trees have the ability and 'know-how' embedded within their make up to sustain their very existence.

Each one of us has the inner guidance, the wiser voice, to direct us on the path that we should follow. As we spend time in the silence, we learn to listen and recognize and develop this inner prompting.

Because we all are so unique, God speaks to us in ways that we each understand; perhaps through symbols, billboard posters, inner prompting of the heart, the scriptures and even nature. We develop communication tapered specifically to our unique built which comes about as we develop our relationship with our Creator in the secret place.

In the secret place, we find peace, love and freedom - our sustenance. Not only do we learn to listen but we are also invited to ask questions and receive divine wisdom and inner guidance to resolving every issue we face and every path we need to take.

Begin today, even if it's 5 minutes (increase the time as you go), to spend time in the silence, listening. See yourself connecting with God in your inner being as you look within your heart. Experience the Love as it flows within you.

As you continue to practice this daily, allowing the spark of love to be fanned into a flame, the joy of living becomes evident in your life that even in the midst of adverse conditions, you remain stable. You have a quiet place to go to renew your strength and faith.

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