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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Changing Inside Out Now! Tending the garden of the heart. Day 6

How to develop a 'nutrient-enriched' heart - Part 4


We've already covered how you can derive a nutrient-enriched heart from reading books, listening to music and audios. But if you are an outgoing person, attending live seminars is an excellent source to achieving the results you're looking for. New friendships may be established at these in-person events opening up all sorts of possibilities for you.

If you are unable to attend an in-person seminar, teleseminars also provide an enriched avenue of learning. Some may offer an opportunity for a workshop or course.

At a seminar or teleseminar you may have the opportunity to listen to others ask questions and hear the answers given. It may be the very question that you've been thinking of which can be very encouraging as you may take comfort in knowing that you're not alone.

Search for these online, in your local area or if you're adventurous, drive out to attend one in another city.

When attending these seminars, make sure you have a notebook to take notes. You'll not be able to remember all of what was discussed. Teleseminars sometimes provide recordings of the event, which you are able to download onto your computer, to listen to over and over again.

Make it a habit to go over your notes taken. As you read, try to absorb the information, internalize it, think about it and let it go deep inside your heart until it becomes a part of you.

Over time your heart produces enriched soil, ready to receive the seeds of your heart.

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