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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Changing Inside Out Now! Tending the garden of the heart - Day 9

A different take on Easter - Part 2

The Silent Period

After Jesus died and was buried in the tomb, his disciples felt the sting of death. Surely, they were missing him. They remembered his promise of his resurrection and wondered what he truly meant.

They waited for the promise, the silent period, with no external evidence of this promise coming to pass.

During the process of tending your heart, you may not immediately see any external evidence. But you know that as you continue to water the seed (the inner desire) that was sewn in the nutrient-enriched soil of your heart, it will begin to become visible to the external eyes.

Don't be discouraged, today! Keep thinking thoughts of what you desire to achieve and speak words of life to your dream. Your reward is sure to follow.

Much life-changing transformation power was in the tomb where Jesus laid. Just as the seed undergoes its own transformation in the dark silence of the soil. This is the essential stage before the manifestation period. Without it, new life would never spring up.

Consider what's happening inside your heart. Looks like nothing's occurring? Feel the change. The life-changing energy force is at work within you. Wait for it! It's soon to penetrate the surface to your outer world.

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