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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stay connected to the Source of life - Part 1

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 23

A tree apart from the soil soon begins to wilt, wither away and die. Every plant, every tree, in order for it to survive, must stay in the soil, its source of life, where its roots remain covered from the elements and where it draws it nutrients and water to sustain life.

While out of the soil, a seed remains a seed, with the potential for life hidden within its outer layer. Only when it is sown into the life-energizing nutrient enriched soil and is watered, does the outer covering begin to loosen its grip and its true potential begin to emerge.

Similarly, in order for you to live to your fullest potential; with vigour, vitality, intensity, freshness, it is imperative that you stay connected to the Source of all life. Your roots, your heart, your spirit becomes energized. The energetic power of the spirit revitalizes your inner being, breathing life into you causing the light and the gift within you to emerge and shine outward.

No tree or life ever starts out the way they are: as a grown tree. Every tree, every animal, every person began in the secret place; seeds - the dark quiet place of the soil, a baby - the quiet place of the womb. Yet, where they began was filled with life-giving energy, nurturing them and allowing them to grow.

In the quiet place of your inner being, you connect to your life source; the Source of all life and continuously allow the flow of life to move within your being then out into your reality.

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