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Monday, August 31, 2009

Living life to the fullest

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 105

We've now harvested most of our peas. What we've discovered is that these peas are so fresh they're even tasty when eaten raw. The first set was cooked in coconut oil which added quite a delightful flavour to it. Now, we've skipped the cooking process, just open the pods and enjoy their natural flavour. Some plants have reached their full maturity and began to dry from the roots up. We uprooted these and set them aside for compost for the garden.

Our pea plants have lived and fulfilled their innate life purpose - bearing peas. These peas have nourished us as a healthy addition to our diet. There is no more to do. There work is done. We have pleasant memories of our harvest and we would definitely add peas to our garden again.

When you live your life with purpose, you are an added nourishment to the social diet of society - whether emotional, spiritual, physical or mental - you are a welcome addition to the lives of others. Once you have come to full fruit bearing maturity and it's time for you to pass on, you would have left a legacy behind that others could continue on because of what you have done. The memories of your work are the footprints left behind as compost, nourishing the lives of those you've impacted.

What memories were you designed to leave behind? What unique flavour do you have that's different from others? What would you choose; to let your aroma and essence leave with you when you die or would you allow the world to see what you were put here to do?

Everyone has that 'it' inside of them that makes them sing or dance. You may just have to remove the debris that's blocking you from seeing it. But if you are determined to living life to the fullest that which is your driving force, your energizer will emerge.

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