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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pay attention to the signs

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 102

Sometimes we become so absorbed in our internal conversations that we disconnect from our Spiritual Source and are unable to recognize the signs that were meant to grab our attention to what our Spiritual Source is saying to us. When we make a conscious decision to stay connected to our Source on a regular basis, we begin to pay attention to the signs that are presented to us as we become more in tuned with the Spirit.

One of my daughters recently borrowed a book about tea from the local public library. While I was cleaning up, the book fell off the dresser. I picked up the book and felt that I needed to read this book, a feeling I also had some previous days before. I put the book back on the dresser and continued cleaning. A few days ago, while I doing my workout, one of my other daughters came outside with the same book. My attention was immediately drawn to it even though I was in the middle of doing my workout. The thought came to me again - I need to read that book.

When I finished my workout, my husband and I were looking at one of flowers in our flower garden which had gone through the petal stage. The petals had now fallen off and all that remained were a couple of buds, which one of them was accidentally broken off by one of the children. My husband took the bud and put it aside leaving the other bud still on the stem. The flower was the only one of its kind in the garden and we were not sure what kind of flower it was.

We had taken pictures of it because it was so beautiful and so that we would later on be able identify it. That day, my husband decided to break open the bud exposing the seeds hidden inside. He replanted them in the garden.

While he was doing that, I noticed something on the stairs; yep you guessed it, the tea book placed on the steps, obviously by my daughter. I reached over and picked it up and began to turn the pages. As my husband and I continued in our conversation about the other bud, still admiring its uniqueness and curious about its identity, my fingers flipped the pages of the book onto a picture that was quite similar to the bud we were looking at. I looked at the picture, and then looked at the bud, looked at the picture again, then looked at the bud and said to my husband, "Is it me or is the bud the same as in the picture?" We were both so amazed, it was a poppy and the book gave some information about its history.

When we're in tuned with the Spirit and pay attention to the signs we become in sync and are in a state of readiness at the right time when the opportunity for whatever the purpose of the moment presents itself. Each time I encountered the book was an opportunity for me to pay attention to the signs and an opportunity to prepare for the right moment when the real revelation was about to unfold.

Different signs have different meanings for different purposes in our lives and in paying attention to them, you not only go through the preparatory process for the moment of opportunity, but you become more aligned with the energy flow of the Spirit. You become yielded to the movement of the Spirit as I was moved at the right time to pick up the book my daughter brought out and as I flipped through the pages found the picture of the same bud at the exact moment when we looking at it and asking questions about it.

It is in the same manner, when we yield to the Spirit's guidance that the Universe brings together in synchronicity all persons and events for the main attraction, the final desired outcome. Miracles happen at that moment and lives are blessed.

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