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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

4 Tips to stop overeating

Getting my body back - Day 104

Reasons for overeating varies from person to person and we can come up with many creative reasons to justify taking that one more bite. The bigger question we need to ask ourselves is, "Do I really need to have this extra bite?" This will be a guide in the decision making process.

Here are some tips to stop overeating

1) Decision

When you make a firm decision beforehand to stop overeating you put yourself into creative mode to find alternative ways to deal with the temptation. It also prepares your mind when confronting situations that will encourage overeating.

2) Eat until satisfied

Eat until you're satisfied but not full. When you find yourself getting to the point of being full that's the signal to stop. Pay attention to what your stomach is saying and don't be distracted as this tends to lead to overeating.

3) Eat often

If you eat often, with shorter intervals in between meals, you avoid the temptation to overeat. You won't feel as famished when meal time arrives. Having a healthy snack in between meals in addition to drinking water can help to keep you from going overboard.

4) Exercise

I have found that on days when I didn't exercise, I tend to feel the munchies more than on days when I workout. When you exercise you feel fuller longer.

Being consciously aware of what causes you to overeat and preparing a plan to prevent it will help you live a healthy lifestyle and avoid guilt from overeating.

Fuelling words: I find creative ways to keep from overeating.

Workout: walking, strength exercises, weight lifting, gardening


  1. Good tips!! I have tried doing light exercise and more proteins. It worked!!


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