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Thursday, August 6, 2009

5 tips to stop stressful eating

Getting my body back - Day 105

Whether workplace, family or financial, we may face many different stressful situations. Learning how to handle these situations effectively keeps us from falling into the trap of stressful eating.

How to stop stressful eating

1) Decision

Making a conscious decision beforehand to see situations and react to them differently short-circuits the impact of stress when confronted with it. For example, if someone said something to you that would normally cause you to 'fly off the handle', choose to respond differently. "You know what? I'm not going there with you. I'm staying in my place of peace." Choose the best way to divert the effect of stress on you, whether you choose to say it out loud or to yourself is your decision.

2) Visualization

Visualizing the outcome of a situation shifts your emotions from negative feelings to positive ones in order to attract the manifestation of the desired outcome. For example, if you're in a financial situation, see your issue as resolved and feel the feelings you would feel when the desired results manifest itself.

3) Shift your perspective on the situation

Changing your perspective on a situation changes your entire emotional state - from frustration to joy depending on how you decided to see the situation.

4) Avoid the impact of stress

Monitor your inner feelings and consciously connect with a place of peace. When you feel like you are irritated, angered, frustrated, look within for the place of peace and allow it to fill your mind relieving you of tension.

5) Deal with it from a heart of love

React from a heart of love. Many times we see the offender as an enemy but if we see him/her as part of us our reactions are different.

When we change our own hearts and enhance our personal growth, we begin to move away from reacting to stressful situations in the old manner and take on a different viewpoint of life which helps us to stop eating out of stress. Instead of reaching for food to pacify the stress, we avoid the negative emotion which leads us into the stress in the first place.

Fuelling words: I choose to see situations from a different perspective and quickly make a mental shift to react to stressful issues out of the heart of love.

Workout: walking, endurance exercise, weight lifting

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