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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Design your life - Part 4 - Gather your materials

Getting my body back - Day 115

When a designer has completed the pattern, he or she purchases the fabric that's suitable for the dress style. The designer also gathers all the other raw materials, such as thread, zipper and buttons etc., that are necessary to complete the dress.

Once you've put your plan together to achieving your goal, you have a clear picture of the direction in which you're going. Now, you can begin to gather your materials necessary to implement each aspect of your plan. Some materials you may already have on hand, some you may need to purchase. Having all your materials all together when you need them saves you time and frustration when you're ready to use them.

When I put together my plan for my exercise routine, I made sure I had suitable running shoes for walking. I also knew what route I'm taking for the walk. For my endurance exercise I use the stairs as my step workout and I have several weight sizes for my weight lifting. Other equipment could also include an exercise ball, skipping ropes or if you have a gym membership all the equipment is already provided for you.

When you are gathering your materials, depending on what your goals are, someone else may already have all the equipment needed for you to execute your plan, or you may have to gather them yourself. You decide what will be the best choice for achieving your goals. The important point is that you choose, and then, put your plan into action.

Action steps:

1) Make a list of all the materials or equipment you need
2) Decide if someone else has all the equipment you need and pay them a fee for usage
3) Decide if you'd rather gather the equipment yourself
4) Find a central area to set up your equipment
5) Get ready to put your plan into action

Fuelling words: I gather all the equipment I need to carry out my action plan, adding and changing as the need arises.

Workout: walking, endurance exercises, weight lifting

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