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Monday, August 17, 2009

Preparing for the harvest - Part 1 - Sharing

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 95

Some of our crops are ready for harvesting, like the Swiss chard, lettuce, some carrots, and thyme, while others are still growing as we await their full maturity, like our corn, tomatoes and squash.

Even though we have a large family and we could find ways to preserve many of our crops keeping it all for ourselves does not activate the law of giving and receiving and therefore can stop the flow of abundance in our lives.

Our family does not start and end with us only, it continues on to others in the human family and as we extend our harvest to others around us, no strings attached, no expectation from them, we are blessing them and allowing the cycle of blessings to continue in our lives.

We sow a different kind of seed - a seed of blessing that not only blesses us into our future but the lives of those with whom we share. To them it is a blessing - a sharing of the harvest, to us it is a seed - a starting of a new crop.

When you begin to reap your harvest, ensure that you keep the cycle of giving and receiving flowing in your life. Share with others outside of your immediate family circle activating the law of giving and receiving.

As you provide for their needs, you are providing for your own because we are one. We are connected in oneness on a spiritual level even though we may appear separate on the physical plain. Our giving or not giving affects all our lives on a deeper spiritual level and therefore manifest itself in the form of selfishness and uncaring leading to unnecessary suffering in the world.

In order to continue harvesting you must continue to sow and sow your seed in sharing with others.

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