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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dealing with transition periods - Part 3

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 87

Seedlings are transplanted into the outdoor garden in order for them to have the space and environment they need to promote healthy growth. If they remain indoors in the seemingly cozy comfort of their small pots they can no longer thrive there. This is a recipe for stunted growth. If left in theirs pots they may never reach their full potential of fruit bearing. The outdoor garden has the room and depth for their roots and exposure to full sunlight to aid the growth process.

It is important to note that every transition stage that we encounter has the potential for personal growth and leads us closer to and position us to fulfilling our life purpose. The key is to recognize that this period of change is an opportunity for open doors in new places for you.

Some questions to consider - Why am I here? What lessons am I to learn now? What do I desire to see happening in my life?

Two years ago our family went through a life-changing transition period which brought from one part of Canada to another. Even though we understood that we were facing a transition period, there were many uncertainties. But one thing that kept us was that we remained closer to our inner Source.

As we traveled from province to province until we reached our final destination we kept an open heart to the direction of the Spirit. Our full attention was focused on the Spirit's guidance and simple, yet profound signals that led us along the way.

Everything fell into place as we followed with our inner ear keenly perked for the next instruction. We've asked many times after our journey ended what is our purpose and have paid attention as it unfolds. We have had many invaluable experiences which would not have occurred if we had remained in our original place.

Many may lose their way in this transition period. But if you turn within, spending time in the silence, the answers come to you as you ask the questions. You are where you are because it is time to move to another phase in your life - a step closer to your life purpose.

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