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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Design your life - Part 3 - Have a plan

Getting my body back - Day 114

Once a designer has completed sketching the design of the dress, it is now time to draft a pattern for each individual section of the dress. A dress has many different smaller parts that have to be drafted independently of the whole and when put together forms the complete dress.

For example, a dress may have sleeves. The sleeve pattern has to be drafted independently but in such a way that when it is sewn together it fits into the armhole of the bodice part of the dress.

Similarly, the skirt of the dress is also drafted independently but with the measurement of the waist line to fit perfectly when also attached to the bodice. Each independent piece is drafted with precise measurements that they all fit together as a whole upon final construction of the garment.

We also have many segments of our lives that are seemingly independent of each other, but when put together complements the whole. Our family relationship may be independent from our business associations but when fit together, each affect the other. Troubles in your personal relationships may spill over into your business relationships and affect the way in which you do business or the effectiveness of your business.

It is imperative that when you implement your plan to design your life that you also consider how the construction of each independent piece of your life affects your overall lifestyle.

If a designer neglects to keep this in mind, he or she would have major problems when attempting to sew the pieces together. For example, the sleeve may not fit into the bodice or the waist of the skirt may be too small or big for the waist of the bodice. The design of the sleeves must also work in sync with the rest of dress. Shorter sleeves or a sleeveless dress may work better with a long flowing evening gown.

Adjust your plans to work in sync with your overall design and in relation to your loved ones.

Designing a plan for each area of your life:

Look at the areas of your life and consider how you would construct each area.

Finances - do you see a business that provides the opportunity for improved financial conditions or do you see the opportunity in your current job to propel you into a position to provide the finances you desire?

Relationship - how could you improve your current relationship? How could you change your perspective of your partner that will help you improve your relationship? What could you do differently? The onus is on you to change you not try to change the other person. You be the change you desire to see in your relationship.

If you are not currently in a relationship but desire to have one, what could you change to prepare you for a long term commitment?

What about relationship with your children? How could you improve in this area? Get closer to your children or release them to make their own decisions and help them find their way not your way.

What other areas of your life do you see that you can construct a plan to create change and design your life?

Action steps:

1) Write down each area of your life - finances, relationships, health, etc.
2) Within the parameters of each area, create a plan for change with precise steps you can take to implement those changes
3) Break down those steps into daily activities you could do. Small changes compound over time. Be consistent.

Fuelling words: I construct my exercise workout routine combining weights, walking and endurance exercises to increase my metabolism and burn excess calories and bring me closer to manifesting my ideal weight goal.

Workout - walking, endurance exercise, weight training

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