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Monday, August 10, 2009

Decluttering your life - Part 1 - Your body

Getting my body back - Day 107

This week we are decluttering our home. It's amazing how much junk you can collect in a short period of time. And with us having such a large family, the junk is probably more than the average size family. So we're taking it room by room, cleaning every nook and cranny and getting the carpets all shampooed and ready for the winter. There's much to be done but when it's completed, the house would feel much lighter.

If we look at our lives like our home we can begin to examine the areas that are cluttered with all unnecessary things that weigh us down and take the place of that which is necessary to enhance our lives. No one really likes a complete overhaul because we're removed from our comfort zone. It's not that our comfort zone is necessarily beneficial to us, but because we have gotten so used to it, it becomes a bother to pull up everything and start again.

When you begin to declutter, your life may seem topsy turvy and chaotic at first, like our home right now, but at the end when we've completed the facelift and put only the essentials in their rightful place, we can move forward freely.

Take an overall survey of your life like we've done with our home before we've started decluttering. We looked around at each room and saw that the way it is just won't do. Adjustments need to be made and it required drastic change in order to get the best results.

Take one area of your life, like your body for example. Survey it. Do you have excess fat that's cluttering your cells? Then, now is the time to make a decision to declutter your body from the unwanted excess weight and freeing up your system from the extra work it has to do. Think of the benefit to you if you felt lighter, healthier and more energized. Your system will thank you for it.

Make a decision to declutter your life to make allowance for a healthier you.

Fuelling words: I give my body the workout it needs to declutter my cells to create a healthier lifestyle.

Workout: walking, gardening

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