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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Design your life - Part 2 - Getting it on paper

Getting my body back - Day 113

When a designer has decided on the desired style of dress, he or she sits down with a sketch pad and sketches the idea out on paper.

Similar, once you are clear on the design of your life, the next step is getting the design out of your head and onto paper. Getting it on paper is the first step to engaging in magical creativity and solidifying your desires.

Some years ago our family went fishing but was not catching anything. It was raining a bit that day and the rainbow was set in brilliant colours in the sky. I had a pad and pen in hand and began doodling. The thought came to me - why not draw a fish and see what happens.

As I drew the first fish, to my surprise, my husband shouted out to me - I caught a fish. I told him what I had done and then I decided to draw another fish, and yes, he caught another fish and then another. After a while I had stopped drawing and he was not catching any more fish. He asked me if I had drawn another fish. I quickly sketched the outline of another, adding scales to make it look more lifelike, and yes, he caught another one. That was a very magical and certainly amazing moment for us.

The point is, whether you sketch your desire or get a picture of your life design, getting it on paper moves you closer to the manifestation of what you desire. It goes beyond wishing or wishful thinking to bringing it into reality.

Some have started dream boards - collecting pictures of their desire and gluing it onto a board. Others have called it book of possibilities. It is using whatever method that works for you to enhance your visual perception of your dream life and setting your intentions on both the spiritual, as well as the physical plain, working together in sync to bring about your desired reality.

Action Steps:

1) Select areas of your life you desire to design or redesign
2) One by one - sketch your desired outcome
3) Find and cut out pictures of your dreams
4) Create a dream board or a book of possibilities
5) Review your dream daily to form a clear vivid mental picture and feel the feelings to having it.

Fuelling words: I visualize an image of me at a point in time when I was at my ideal weight and I see myself then as if it is now.

Workout - walking, endurance exercise, weight lifting

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