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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Take the challenge - Part 3 - Getting out of the comfort zone

Getting my body back - Day 119

When it comes to getting out of the comfort zone, many people find it difficult to leave what has become their safe zone, to venture into unknown territory. Leaving the 'safety' of the comfort zone, in many cases, is the only way to get the results you're looking for.

If you keep doing the same things over and over and you're getting the same undesired results, then, it's time to shift gears, get out of the comfort zone and do something new. Sometimes it may require just a little shift in what you're already doing and other times you may need to make some drastic changes to gain dramatic effects in getting the desired results.

For example, my drastic shift in gear would be going from my indoorzy type workout routine in the spring that included stretching, aerobics etc. to total outdoor high energy workout in the summer that includes walking, jogging, weight lifting, steps, gardening etc. The latter is quite a dramatic change from the former.

Now that I've gone from the low end of the spectrum to the high end, making a slight shift from that would be to add an extra set or two to my weight training routine. I'm constantly monitoring my progress and looking for ways to get out of my comfort zone into a new level to achieve more.

Maybe you have challenged yourself and left your personal comfort zone. Check the results you're getting, and if they're not as you expected, then, consider perhaps shifting just a bit more out of the rut or you may need to change completely.

Getting out of your comfort zone may not entail any physical activity for you but may be that you need to change your habitual way of thinking or change your perspective on life and your relationship with others. You may need to get out of your comfort zone of negativity and enter into a more positive way of being. Perhaps you may need to see life from the angle of good coming to you and not that 'bad things' always happen to you.

Assess your results thus far and consider the progress you would make and how much more you could accomplish in your life if you got out of your comfort zone and entered into unfamiliar territory which may prove to be beneficial for you.

Fuelling words: I constantly look for areas to get out of my comfort zone so I could get closer to my goals.

Workout: walking, jogging, weight training, endurance exercises

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