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Friday, August 7, 2009

Dealing with transition periods - Part 5

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 89

When our corn reached a certain height, we had to transplant them to give them more room to grow and position them as well so they can pollinate each other. We were very careful in exposing the roots and when digging them out we made sure that there was enough soil around them so their roots were not disturbed.

Some did well and kept growing while others seemed to struggle a bit. We put small trenches through the corn and watered them real well. With all the water they got these staggering corn picked up in growth and are doing well. Some have already begun to show their ears.

During a time of transition, in order to bounce back quickly, staying close to your Source, the rich Soil of the Spirit is your lifeline. If you make this your way of life, when transition comes, your roots will remain strong. Though shaken and perhaps disoriented, and even if at times things make no sense, you know that all is working out for your good. You know that this too will pass; it's only a passing cloud. After every storm, the clouds clear and the sky is visible again.

Nature shows us clearly so we have hope that the sun will shine again. Go deep into the soil of the Spirit, have an open heart, be flexible and flow with the Spirit.

Even if you may not have been connected with the Spirit as you'd like, no worry, it's never too late to start. Get close and get deep so you can begin to see your way clearly and come out of the confusion and frustration that transitions can draw you into. Get closer to the Light that your way may be brightened.

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