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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Take the challenge - Part 2 - Take two steps

Getting my body back - Day 118

From time to time we need to monitor our progress and take two steps up from where we are. The transition, however, should be a natural flow. One in which you feel that it is necessary to take it to the next level to achieve greater success to getting you closer to your goal.

When I first started out exercising, I began at the level I felt that I was most comfortable with. As I monitor my progress, I felt that I needed to advance to the next level. It was a natural progressive move. It made no sense trying to force something that I did not feel I was ready for. I went at my own pace and even though I knew that I needed to start walking, my feelings did not quite catch the message. I came to the point when I was ready. I made the decision and off I went.

Going to the next level, taking two steps forward, require some willingness on your part, but once you have made the decision to follow through with your advancement everything else falls into place.

Now, my step workout has also gone to the next level, I not only do one step up but I have gone two steps up, adding more intensity on the muscles. My 10, year old daughter, my workout partner has gone up 3 steps. I am trying to keep up with her; however, every time I advance, she advances one more ahead of me. She is quite a trooper and keeps me on the ball. We now have company, Dad and the other children have joined in our routine adding variety and fun.

Decide to take the challenge, take two steps more than you are doing now and advance to the next level of your goal achievement.

Fuelling words: I move to the next level as my body gets comfortable with each new challenge.

Workout: walking, endurance exercises,

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