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Monday, August 31, 2009

Creating change that lasts - Part 1 - Make a decision

Getting my body back - Day 122

If you desire to create change that lasts, you first need to made a decision and stick with it. This is what I refer to as making a 'focused determined decision'. It is much more than making a wishy washy decision. You know, the kind that goes like this, "I'll try to do this someday," or, "I guess I could do that," or, you may say, "I'll do it," but deep in your heart you know that you're not really going to.

When you make a focused determined decision, you know within yourself that you are determined to do whatever it takes to get the job done or to get your desire manifested. You know that you will find a way to do what you set out to do even if you had no idea how it's going to be done. You know somehow you'll get the answer and you start moving or working with what you already have or know.

When we don't experience change it's because we've stopped moving forward. We've changed our minds or we've given up. We become disinterested and distracted by other things that take the place of the original desire. It is not that you can't have what you desire. It is that you've given up, perhaps when things got a little rough, or you're not seeing the desire manifested right away.

Sometimes, at first, you may not see any results, but if you keep digging in, keeping your eyes and ears open for the changing in the tide, you'll reach your goal. The 'changing of the tide' could mean a shift in the way you're doing something not necessarily changing the actually desire.

For example, I mentally see my ideal weight target and I'm engaged in physical activity that's in alignment to bring me to my goal. At first, I didn't see any physical results, but I felt it - I felt the difference in my body. As I kept going, I knew that I needed to increase my activity to optimize my results. Because I wasn't visibly seeing the results I desired didn't mean that I should give up completely on my goal. It just meant that I needed to overcome whatever hurdle was in the way of increased progress. I looked for others way to get better results.

Similarly, not because something may not be working out right away does not mean that you throw in the towel and give up. It may just mean that you have to evaluate the progress and make some necessary adjustments.

Make your decision to achieve your goals and stick with it no matter what and renew that decision daily.

Fuelling words: I make a focused determined decision to reach my ideal weight goal no matter what.

Workout - walking, endurance exercises, weight lifting

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