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Friday, August 21, 2009

Design your life - Part 5 - Putting the plan into action

Getting my body back - Day 116

The designer is now ready to put his or her plans into action. The pattern is placed on the fabric and the fabric is cut out to the exact shape of the pattern.

The designer knows that he or she must follow the shape of the pattern into order to gain success in achieving the best fit from the dress. Any flaws encountered in the fitting of the dress lies in the construction of the pattern and that's where correction of errors would be made in order for ease of fitting.

Similarly, once you have put a plan together, it is time to implement that plan, put the plan into action. Your plan is the map which you will follow to get you to acquiring your goal. Any flaws in the action would have to be corrected in the original plan and as a result the follow up action will follow the new adjustment.

A designer would have several fittings along the assembling time of the garment to ensure that he or she is still on course and there were no errors made in drafting the pattern.

Evaluation of your progress and regular reference and possible adjustments to your original plan is necessary in accordance to the progress being made in achieving one's goal.

I've made several adjustments from my original plan to accelerate my ideal weight goal. Some things you may not be able to foresee and as a result you evaluate and make provisions necessary to accommodate the change. You don't keep pursuing the same course if you can clearly see that the current one is not working efficiently.

If the designer is not satisfied with the fitting, adjustments will be made on the drafted pattern, as well as the garment, to improve the deficiency. Once he or she is satisfied with the overall fit of the garment, the designer continues to sew all the pieces together adding final touches and completes the garment. The final outcome - a perfectly fitted dress - a job well done. The designer is pleased with his work and feels a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and so will you.

Action steps:

1) Put your plans into action
2) Evaluate your progress regularly
3) Make necessary adjustments to your original plan, as well as, your action steps
4) Keep moving until you reach your goal

Fuelling words: I consistently review my plans and evaluate my progress to ensure I'm on target and moving in the direction of my goal.

Workout: walking, jogging, endurance exercise, weight lifting

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