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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

5 tips to stop emotional eating

Getting your body back - Day 103

Our emotions play a major part in our decision making. When we allow our emotional mood swings to dictate when and what we eat we're setting ourselves up for unhealthy eating habits and setbacks in achieving success in our weight goal.

How to stop emotional eating?

1) Know yourself

When you know and understand yourself, you could identify the emotional patterns you face when you go through mood changes. This is vital to making the next step to creating the change to overcome emotional eating.

2) Observe your patterns

If you're unsure about your emotional patterns take a week or two to observe your eating habits in relation to your emotional behaviours.

3) Identify your triggers

Once you've identified the triggers in your emotional behaviours - those situations that cause you to feel negative emotions - you can decide how to deal with them to avoid using food as a pacifier. Using food as a pacifier sets the stage for more guilt leading to more negative emotions and the vicious cycle begins.

4) Monitor your emotions

Joy gives you energy. Negative feelings suck the energy out of you. Avoid them. Monitor your emotions, and if you feel that your feelings are not in a positive vibration, that's your signal to do something about them to avoid falling into the trap of emotional eating.

5) Practice mental shifts

Shift your mind from the negative to the positive. Whatever it is that's causing the negative emotion is the root of which you need to deal with. Instead of reaching for the refrigerator or kitchen cupboard, shift your mind to events that are positive that will bring you out of the emotional decline.

Using these tips and getting creative with some of your own can lead you to managing your emotions and stop emotional eating.

Fuelling words: I monitor my emotions and maintain a positive emotional vibration, and I use food for the purpose it was intended and not to satisfy my emotional needs.

Workout: walking, strength exercises, weight lifting

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