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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Respect for others

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 101

We have noticed that just like the four o'clock flowers, the flowers of the squash usually open up when the day is not as hot and closes when it is extremely hot. We have noticed that the poppies remain open all day when the sun is the hottest but closes up as it gets closer to the evening when it begins to get cooler.

Although the poppies and the four o'clocks are growing side by side, they are very different in nature and respond very differently in relation to the rays of the sun. The poppies welcome the heat and fully open their petals to absorb the heat of the sun, later closing up to preserve the heat for the cooler night temperatures. The four o'clocks, on the other hand, closes its petals from too much exposure to the sun's rays and welcome the coolness with open petals.

Many of us respond differently to external temperatures of pressure and we need to have respect for others when they do not respond as we do. Each one of us has a built in mechanism that protects us as we endure adverse conditions. Not because someone responds differently from us mean that they are less than us. Respect them and let them be.

Adversity may cause you to be more open to others, whereas it may cause others to appear closed and introverted. It does not mean that they are not loveable, they maybe going through a process where they need to dig deep within themselves as they go through this time of growth. Once the situation has passed and adverse temperatures have cooled it is safe for them to emerge and open up fully to engage with others outside of themselves.

Make no mistake, that even though these petals are closed, the growth process continues. The four o'clocks are healthy and are growing well, displaying their petals of pink, yellow, orange and white colours.

When you have respect for others, you allow them to be who they are and handle whatever situations come their way in a way that is natural for them. Be a friend, share your experience, show them love, but let them be the ones to make the final decisions on their own accord.

We nurture our four o'clocks just as much as we nurture the poppies. We don't try to change them because, guess what, we can't. We appreciate and admire them both for their unique beauty and respect these flowers for what they are.

How much more should we show respect for others.

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