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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dealing with transition periods - Part 2

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 86

The effects of the transition period

Plants go through a recovery period when transplanted from indoors to outdoors. To break the shock of this period, plants are hardened (which is a gradual taking outdoor and back indoors) to get them used to the harsher outdoor conditions.

When these seedlings are transplanted into the ground they need to get used to their new environment. Some of them appear droopy at first and soon continues to grow, some show slow growth while others never quite make the adjustment, wilt away and die

People also go through this recovery period in the transition process. Some go through the process of 'culture shock', others seem a bit lost while some never recover from the change. Given time, the will to survive kicks in and the strong find a way to adjust and move forward in pursuit of their purpose.

Some of our seedlings, even though they had not died, never grew and never wilted. They remained the same size as when we transplanted them. Some struggled for a while until the growth process kicked in. Others, which were droopy at first, when watered, quickly adjusted and are now flowering on their way to full fruit.

Consider this: If you have ever gone through a transition process, how did you do? Have you recovered or are you still struggling? Are you beginning to wilt?

Becoming aware of where you are is the first step toward finding the solution to encouraging your personal growth and propel you out of the rut you're in and onto to finding and living your life purpose to full fruit.

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