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Monday, August 10, 2009

Weeding the garden of your mind

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 90

Garden weeding is a regular and sometimes daily occurrence in order to maintain a well cultivated garden. If you're not paying attention to your garden, your precious crop will be competing for the essential nutrients in the soil.

Our minds entertain many thoughts on a daily basis, many of them recurring over and over again, and some being more dominant than others.

And like our garden, you need to regularly monitor and weed your thoughts from the weeds of negativity in order for the positive thought crop to have the opportunity to grow from your focused attention.

If you pay attention to your thoughts, you begin to see a pattern to the thoughts that most dominate your mind. From there you can measure if these thoughts are positive in their creativity or negative. Are these thoughts creating the future I desire or am I trying to push away things from my life by focusing on that which I don't desire to see manifest in my reality? How can I change this thought to one that is positive? What is it I desire?

As you focus on thoughts that are more desirable and beneficial to you, they become your dominant thoughts and therefore feed off the nutrients of your focused attention, manifesting itself in your outer reality.

Whoever it is you've decided to be, you must allow those thoughts to take root and dominate your mind. Whenever thoughts come that do not match up with what you are becoming, replace them with that which you desire.

Practice renewing your mind daily. If you're used to allowing any thought occupy your mind, you can change this and create a new habit. Decide today that you will practice mental shift from negative thought or unwanted thought to positive or desired thought. Then, take it in small increments - one day, then two, then three and keep increasing it until it becomes way of life for you.

Your life will begin to change as you weed and maintain the garden of your mind and focus your attention to that which is enhancing your life.

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