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Friday, August 14, 2009

Decluttering your life - Part 5 - Sentimental Attachments

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In the process of decluttering your life, you may not have a difficult time getting rid of clothing that no longer fits, or you may not have a problem ditching your bulky exercise equipment, but when it comes to sentimental attachments that just pulls at your heart strings, how do you cut the ties and determine what you should keep and what to get rid of?

From time to time I've struggled with the other areas of decluttering and just made a decision to get rid of some of the stuff, but when it comes to sentimental attachments, I'd admit I have a more difficult time just tossing some of these things. I think this one boils down to personal value.

Sentimental attachments come in the form of irreplaceable memorabilias. For example, after many years, I still have a handwritten note from my dad when we were working on a project together. I loved my dad's handwriting and I guess this was and still is a really special memory for me.

No one could really decide for you what sentimental attachments you should keep and which ones are more important. This is an internal job. But here are some questions to ask yourself in making your final decision to keep or toss:

1) Purpose

What is the purpose of me keeping this? How is this serving me at this point in my life?

2) Value

What is the value in keeping this memory alive? Is it bringing back good memories of love or unpleasant memories of past hurt and disappointments? Know the value of the sentimental attachment. If it is greater than the need, then keep it.

3) Thoughts

What thoughts do I get from this memorabilia? Are the thoughts I imagine ones I wish to relive in the future or is this a place I never want to return to again?

4) Tied to the past

Is this thing an outward expression that I'm tied to the past and have not let go or afraid to let go? Is this sending a message to the universe that this is who I choose to continue to be? Sometimes we are sending subconscious messages to the universe of what we desire and don't understand why we're getting the results we're getting or not getting the results we desire.

The New Testament tells of a young man who wanted to follow Jesus but felt that he needed to go bury a family member first. Jesus said to him, "Let the dead bury the dead."

Let the things of the past stay in the past and move on. The issue is dead let is remain there and the things that go with it. There is no life in it and it will not add to giving you life.

5) Open yourself to new experiences

When you open yourself to new experiences letting go of the past becomes easier. You can only embrace the future when you release your tight grip on the past.

Declutter your life from all non-essential sentimental attachments and move forward to greater experiences.

Fuelling words: I keep only sentimental attachments that add value and bring positive memories to my current reality.

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