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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Decluttering your life - Part 3 - Exercise Equipment

Getting my body back - Day 109

Cluttering our lives can become such a habit that we continue to add more and more stuff that we probably don't need or will never use and that could include the purchase of exercise equipment and other stuff that sit in our basement, attic or garage taking up space for many years.

I remember a friend telling me that she had bought an exercise ball years ago and it was still new in the box sitting in her closet. If you have equipment that you've not used for years, it's probably a good time to get rid of it.

Here are some tips for decluttering your exercise equipment:

1) Decisive decision

If you haven't used an equipment for several years make a decision to either get rid of it now - sell it or give it away to someone who will make use of it - or decide to begin to use it right away. "I'll use it someday," is not an acceptable response because it will most likely sit there for another decade.

2) Opt for a simpler routine

Sometimes we don't get rid of our junk because we think that we might need it after and if it's gone we would regret we got rid of it. To address this feeling, opt for a simpler but effective exercise routine. You can benefit greatly from walking - not only are you burning calories but you get to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. You also have the opportunity to add variety to your routine.

3) Get rid of heavy bulky exercise equipment

If your place is too small for bulky exercise equipment you might want to consider purchasing something that takes up less space or at least that's collapsible and can be stored underneath a bed or in the closet. This will free up some of the space for you to move freely through your home.

4) Add more activity

If you add more activity into your daily routine the need for exercise equipment will be greatly reduced to perhaps a pair of dumbbells for your weight lifting. I've found that with walking, gardening, weight lifting and just simply being active in and around the house give me enough opportunities to exercise and therefore there's no need to purchase any or at least expensive exercise equipment.

Sometimes I give my younger children piggy back rides and neck rides to act as extra weight for my walking or even repetitive lifting up and down to work out my arms, which they greatly enjoy.

You can even be very creative and use your own body weight for strength and endurance workout.

There's no need to keep holding on to exercise equipment just in case when you know you're never going to use them. Eliminate the clutter and declutter your life. Besides, if you ever need to relocate, you wouldn't have to worry about logging around with the heavy load. Been there, done that. Time to declutter and move lightly!

Fuelling words: I simplify my exercise routine by removing cluttering exercise equipment which allows me to use my creativity to add variety and excitement to my daily routine.

Workout: walking, strength training, weight lifting

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