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Monday, August 3, 2009

5 tips to stop boredom eating

Getting my body back - Day 102

Many factors contribute to excessive eating and puts us in a rut of packing on the extra unwanted pounds. When we eat out of boredom, we're contributing to the added weight factor and in most cases the food choices are unhealthy.

How, then, do we stop boredom eating?

1) Decision

When you decide before hand how you're going to handle this if you become bored you'll be better prepared to deal with boredom and not let the boredom handle you.

2) Device a plan

Think of and revise a list of options available. Instead of going to the fridge and pulling out your favourite ice cream or grabbing a bag of potato chips try reading a book, going for walk or do some gardening.

3) Identify boredom patterns

Identify the times that are more likely to bring on boredom - perhaps on the weekend when you're lazing around the house. Find ways to occupy those times.

4) Make sure you had your regular meal

Skipping meals can set you up to eat more than you intended when you're bored. Make sure you eat your regular meals in order to curtail the temptation.

5) Eat a healthy snack

As a last resort, if you can no longer contain yourself and you must eat something or else the thought of food won't leave your head, have a healthy snack.

Preparing yourself to confront your own personal habits gives you the advantage over the attack of boredom eating.

Fuelling words: I eat to give my body fuel and not to satisfy my boredom. I create new habits to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Workout: walking, endurance exercises, weight lifting, gardening

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