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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weeding the garden of your career

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 92

Every seed contains in it the life it was meant to lead - cucumber seeds sown in soil to grow, blossom and bear cucumbers. Plants and trees follow their path, naturally. However, weeds can hinder the process if neglected and inhibit nutrients going to the fruit.

At times we find ourselves in careers that do not reflect who we are and our innate passion. This may be because we've considered the current career for only the monetary gain one gets from it and not from one's inner passion.

If you find yourself despising your job, your career, then, it is time to consider doing some weeding to getting into the place you were meant to be. Or if you find that your career is not fulfilling your inner passion and life purpose then you need to re-examine your position and move in the direction of beginning to make changes.

How do you weed out the garden of your career?

1) Decision

Knowing what you feel joy in doing or what you feel passionate about is the first step before you can make a decision to do what you love to do. Once you know that then you can move to the next step. What do you love to do?

2) Look for ways to get into the area of your passion.

If you are in a career you love generally but you are in one section that you despise, look for ways to get into the area of your passion.

For example, in the insurance industry, which was my previous field, there are many facets to work in, you could either be an agent or work in claims as an adjuster and even as an adjuster you could work as an auto adjuster, property adjuster, liability adjuster or all of these and more. So if you are currently an auto adjuster and hate it, but prefer being a proper adjuster, then, you look for opportunities to go in that direction.

Staying in a position that you hate is not healthy for your inner being and therefore you are not living your inner passion and fulfilling your destiny.

3) Develop the skills

If you feel that you lack the skills in what you love to do, stay where you are for now, if you can, and look for opportunities to develop the skills necessary for your area of passion. The internet is packed with information you can read on 'how to's'. You can go to your local library and get information, talk with other people in the field or even take local, online or correspondence courses.

If you'd like to start a business in your desired field but lack the confidence to do so, look for the opportunity to work with someone who is already in the field.

If you are open and willing to get out of your 'comfort zone' and take the risk of living your passion, doors will open for you to do what you desire to do one step at a time.

When you set your mind and intention to do what is natural for you and weed out the other things that are occupying your time, you'll find that you'll feel a sense of accomplish, joy and freedom in being you.

Take the steps necessary to begin weeding the garden of your career now.

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