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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Preparing for the harvest - Part 3 - Eat some

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 97

We've already began to eat some of the fresh vegetables from our garden and we feel a sense of accomplishment that we could actually sit and enjoy the 'fruit of our labour'. As we look over the garden that we have nurtured, in spite of the work we put into it, which was quite enjoyable, we feel very appreciative that we had the opportunity to go through this learning process. It was quite an experience and journey for us and the lessons learned have caused us to see life from a different point of view.

As you prepare for your harvest, you may begin to enjoy the fruit of your labour even before the full harvest comes in. As you partake in the rewards of the work of your hands, allow the feelings of thankfulness to fill your heart.

'Eat some' with a thankful heart and reminisce on the journey that brought you to this point. These valuable irreplaceable gems become the foundation for all of your goal achievements. Even the disappointments play a valuable part in your personal growth because it teaches you how to look at life differently and see beyond the disappointments to a better opportunity that you would not have thought possible had things worked out the way you initially anticipated.

You have built up your muscle of endurance for the next journey. Situations that would have normally have you 'huffing and puffing', you would move through with ease knowing that all will work out in due time and everything has a reason and purpose behind it. You have now made it to the point that you can help someone who may now be taking the journey and help them to avoid the pitfalls that you went through. You can encourage others to pursue their dream knowing that they will make if they are persistent in seeing their dream materialized.

From this experience we see that next time we would do things a bit differently. We can clearly see what we should have done and what could have been done better, but all in all, everything worked out just fine.

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