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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weeding the garden of your social life

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 93

Whether it's a vegetable, fruit or flower garden, a gardener is very particular about what he allows to grow in his garden of choice. Therefore, he or she keeps a constant watch over the garden and regularly weeds it for unwanted 'social' interaction.

Because the people we hang out with on a regular basis tend to influence the way we think and ultimately behave, it is therefore imperative that we choose our friends with care. Our friends should lift us to a higher level than where we are and encourage us to be the best we can be. If you find that the friends you're hanging out with are not leading you in a way that enhances your life it's time to think about weeding the garden of your social life.

Consider the following 4 tips to weeding the garden of your social life:

1) Know where you're going

When you know where you're going in life you drive in the direction to your destination. You'd probably think it crazy if someone got into their car and just started driving and had no destination in mind. "Where are we headed?" you ask, "I don't know," they reply. You might probably want to jump out of the car at the first stop sign.

Similarly, if you don't know what direction your life is headed, how could you make plans to go there and more so how could you then harbour relationships that move you in the direction you're going?

2) Place people in their rightful place

It is important to see everyone you meet through the eyes of love and place them in their rightful place. Some are there to go with you to the next level to reaching to your destination while some are put in your path to receive something from you. The people you meet who are there to receive from you may not necessarily be the ones to be regular friends.

I would use Jesus as an example here. Jesus choose 12 disciples - friends he would regularly communicate with - he would regularly hang out with these guys and they'd go practically everywhere together. Then there were all the other people he would come in contact with. He loved them all but they were not his regular companions.

3) Choose your friends with care

After you know where you're going and you're consciously aware of the type of friends you desire, you can now choose your friends with extra care. Jesus handpicked his 12 disciples - those with whom he would impart his knowledge and wisdom and with whom he shared a deeper spiritual bond, his deepest secrets and his life.

4) Choose your social events with care

Some events, like some weeds, may not be in themselves bad but they may be misplaced meaning that they may not serve your purpose. If you decided to grow a vegetable garden, dandelions have no business in your vege garden. Certain social events may suck the life out of you instead of enhancing and uplifting you. Have you ever gone to an event and you left feeling more drained than when you arrived? Then perhaps this is not the place for you at this point in your life.

Choose social events that add to and draw you closer to your destiny.

Your social life can be a power house for your growth and ultimately your fruit bearing success if nurtured with care.

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