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Friday, August 28, 2009

Take the challenge - Part 5 - The Ultimate Challenge

Getting my body back - Day 121

The ultimate challenge in achieving any goal is letting go and trusting the process to bring the results you're expecting. Many times I have to remind myself of this; feeling at times that I want to go from A to Z and skip the process - B down to Y. It is the B Y process where we build strength, stamina, character and integrity and the lessons we learn during this time are invaluable. These lessons could never be experienced at A or at Z, which are the beginning of any desire and the ending - the attainment of that desire.

If you're making a dress, you must go through the process. If you're building a house, you must go through the process, if you are writing a book, you must go through the process and in writing this blog post I must go through the process from the start, through the middle and then the end. There are no short cuts. Even if you someone bought you the dress, or built you the house, you still had a preparatory period before you even got it.

The alphabet is incomplete if you only have the A and the Z; no words are formed this way. As you work on your goal, when you've done all that you can do, relax and allow the process to work for you.

I've done all that is within my power to do - my workout, watching my food intake. Now, I must allow my body to do the rest - I must trust the process to get me to my ideal weight. I visibly see my body changing and patiently allow my body to reshape itself to manifesting my desire.

While we must be determined to achieve our goal, we must equally be patiently determined to let the process bring us to the finish line and disallow anxiety to hinder our progress.

Fuelling words: I take the ultimate challenge - release my anxiety to get to my ideal weight - and allow the process to bring me to the finish line.

Workout: walking, jogging, weight lifting, endurance exercise

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