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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Weeding the garden of your spirit

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 91

The garden soil provides essential nutrients for plants to grow. In order for the plants to receive the most benefit from the enriched soil, we need to keep it weed free.

The same is true of our spirit. If we are not constantly keeping watch and regularly weeding the garden of our spirits we will not be able to benefit from receiving the full 'nutrients' from our Source.

If our lives are cluttered with weed which choke out that which is essential for our survival and growth how can we expect to live to our fullest potential doing what we were meant to do naturally without being inhabited?

As the gardeners of our own lives, weeding comes with the territory and maintenance of your inner spirit is your responsibility.

How do we weed the garden of our spirit?

1) Spend more time in the silence

Every day we go out to the garden observing with watchful eyes to ensure that all is well. We are making connection with our garden and staying in tuned with what's occurring. Any changes are noticeable to us because we have familiarized ourselves with the daily changes of the plants.

It is this same daily acquaintance we have as we spend time in the silence with our Source. We become more familiar and in tuned with the things of the unseen. We are able to move freely with the changes of the Spirit and pick up more quickly on the Spirit's language.

2) Choose what you desire to come into your life

We have a vegetable garden and a flower garden. They are both in separate areas of yard. However, in our flower garden we have some tomatoes, watermelons and cantaloupe growing there. One part of the vegetable garden is bordered by marigolds and we have one other flower, not sure what it's called, growing in our garden which we decided to leave - it looks beautiful so we decided to observe it's growth.

Now, what we call weeds in themselves is not really bad, they're just misplaced. There may be things in your life that may not really be bad but they are taking up space which you have set aside for your 'vegetable or flower garden' - what you decided to grow in your life. At another place and time, they may be okay, but not just right now. You need to decide what is important to you and allow those things to come into and occupy your life and remove all that is not adding value to your desire at this point in time.

3) Encourage those things that contribute to your growth

The marigolds bordering the vegetable garden were placed there intentionally to aid in pest control. Marigolds are not vegetables and neither are they edible but they do add value in their contribution by helping our plants grow without being consumed by pests.

Now, say for instance you are a singer, you may read books about personal development. The books do not show you how to sing or perform but they may give you the tools necessary to conducting yourself in a manner that will keep you from falling into some of the traps that other singers have found themselves in and did not know how to ward off these 'pests' which eventually consume and destroyed them.

As you continue to weed the garden of your spirit, you awaken to new life, energy and unique creativity.

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