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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Take the challenge - Part 4 - Mind, Body, Spirit

Getting my body back - Day 120

In the process of taking the challenge for maximum results to achieving your goals, you need to get your mind, body and spirit to come into harmony. When you are in complete harmony you feel joy and freedom. There's no struggling - the mind working against the body or vice versa - but all in one accord working with ease.

How do you get your mind, body and spirit to work in harmony?

Years ago, my husband was a karate instructor, and as he joined us in our workout routine the pace was slowed down a bit but to one being quite focused, not so much on physical intensity but on becoming in sync in our minds, bodies and spirit.

We became in tuned to the sound of nature around us - the birds, the sound of the wind as it gently blew through the trees and the graceful swaying of the trees as the leaves wave in the breeze.

As our minds became in tuned, not only to nature but also to the quietness and the stillness of our inner spirits, we consciously connected in oneness to our Source. When we relaxed our minds and our bodies, we connected even more to the inner peace and tranquility of the Spirit.

With our minds now at peace and flowing in oneness with our spirit and our Source, our bodies followed suit and adapted to whatever movement we felt we should follow. My eldest daughter even commented, "Mom, I didn't know you could move like that," as she saw me perform what I would call my version of Tai Chi. I could feel the movement even before I actually performed them with ease.

Whether it's exercise or something else you're working on, the time will come when you need to slow down the busyness of the mind, become in tuned with nature and allow your inner spirit to connect with your Source. At this point of synchronicity, inspiration and ideas are birth and your body follows through to perform the action required for physical manifestation of your desires with ease.

Fuelling words: I bring my mind, body and spirit to work in harmony that I may receive fresh new inspiration and insights to manifest my ideal weight goal.

Workout: walking, endurance exercise, weight lifting

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