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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preparing for the harvest - Part 4 - Preserve your harvest

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 98

Last year, a friend taught us how to use a canner to preserve our apple sauce. Armed with this knowledge, we made apple jam and apple butter and preserved them in jars for the winter. These tasted so good on bread that once a jar was opened the jam was gone in a flash.

This year we plan on extending the preserves into tomatoes and cucumbers.

That's all good for fruit and vegetables, but how, then, do you preserve your harvest in other areas of your life?

1) Finances

You begin by saving a portion of your money every month. When you get an increase, you can save more. But begin where you are even if it's $5.00. Start small and grow from there. Begin with what you know you will stick with. Soon enough you'd want to increase it. A time may come in your life, after your harvest, when you feel like 'opening that jar of jam' and enjoy the taste. You'd be glad you did save that money. Other situations may arise that may need financial attention and what you've put aside can pull you out of a jam.

2) Relationships

When you nurture and tend to your personal relationships, whether family or friends, in the winter months of your life they are ones to stand by your side and support you until you're able to get back on your feet again. When all is going well in your life never forget your family and friends. This is what I'd call your family and friend harvest time. It's in the cherishing and preserving of a loving relationship with them that will see you through whatever situation you're going through. Whatever adverse conditions you may face you'll never be left wanting.

3) Goal achievement

At the point of success in your goal achievement, write down the lessons learned to preserve these life-changing memories. Review them often and commit them to heart. For during the time of your next goal you will pull up on these experiences that will sustain you and move you through the process to the finish line.

Use these memories to teach and share with others to encourage them to press through in pursuit of their dreams.

The most important thing to remember in preservation as you prepare for the harvest is that you preserve your life. After you have gone through your journey, you have become the light to light the path for others to follow. You can now say in the winter of their life journey, I have been where you are, I know what you're going through and I know you will be okay. Here is my hand; I'll help you get there. I'll be a shoulder to support you until your harvest comes in.

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