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Friday, August 7, 2009

5 tips to satisfy your spiritual hunger

Getting my body back - Day 106

We satisfy our physical appetite when we are hungry. But sometimes when we've eaten, and still feel like eating some more, we need to look deeper into what's missing in our lives.

Spiritual hunger sometimes manifests itself into physical hunger in order to draw us to look deeper into ourselves and draw us back to our spiritual heritage and connection. Our spiritual hunger which is our life sustenance needs to be satisfied. Without this satisfaction, we look to the external, outside of us, to fill the gaping hole in our inner being.

But the more things we add, the more activities we engage in, the wider the hole seems. It's like drinking soda to satisfy the thirst and no matter how much soda you consume your thirst is never quenched. The only thing that truly satisfies this thirst is water. Other drinks are a temporary fix and most times add to and increase our thirst.

How do you satisfy your spiritual hunger?

1) Silence

In the silence the soul sings. When you sit in silence and allow yourself to just be in the presence of the Spirit your soul is refreshed, your spirit is renewed. Allow your mind, your thoughts to be fixated on the inner spirit and feel the refreshing of the Spirit flowing through your inner being. There is healing in the silence.

2) Saturation

When you sit in the silence with the Spirit, allow your soul to be saturated with the presence of the Spirit. You can drink a little bit of water and feel your thirst partially quenched. But when you drink enough your thirst is quenched completely. Allowing your inner being to be satisfied by Spirit quenches the thirst of your soul. When your soul is satisfied the temptation to fill your life with things that are not beneficial for you is eliminated.

3) Becoming one with nature

In observing nature - plants, trees, insects, animals etc. - we begin to understand how connected we are and draw upon the vital lessons that nature has to remind us of whom we are and see ourselves from a deeper level.

4) Be open

When your heart is open to Spirit lessons and wisdom, you need not look for superficial patches to resolve your life issues but you get to the root cause to find the answers you need.

5) Read the Bible

Allow the Living Word to speak through the written word. The Bible contains wisdom that transcends time and provides a road map for living. When you are open to the Spirit as you read the written word you're allow the Living Word to reveal the hidden mysteries of the scripture and feed your soul in a way that no one else can.

In all of our eating, let us not forget to first satisfy the spiritual hunger. For in doing so our lives will be enriched in many ways we never thought possible.

Fuelling words: I quench my thirst with the Living Water of Life from the Spirit. I satisfy my hunger with the Bread of Life.

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