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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Creating change that lasts - Part 2 - Change the way you think

Getting my body back - Day 123

Once you've made the decision to create change that lasts, you must begin to change the way you think. If you keep thinking the same way, you'll keep doing things the same way and as a result outward change would only be temporary. But when you change the way you think, the transformation process begins and your outward action follows suit to reflect the inner change in thinking.

For example, in order for me to begin physically working out, I had to desire something other than my current weight and health status. I needed to begin to see myself at the ideal weight, feeling strong and energized. As a result of my new way of thinking, my activities come into alignment with it.

When you change the way you think about yourself, you begin to act differently. If you feel that you are ugly and you start thinking of yourself as beautiful, you'll begin to act that way - chin up, shoulders back and confident. You dress differently and take good care of yourself. Charm emanate from you because you change your perspective of yourself.

Whatever situation you encounter or whatever goal you're trying to achieve, if you change the way you think about them into a positive viewpoint, your situation will reflect that inner change.

Fuelling words: I see myself at my ideal weight, size, shape, strength and energy level and my actions follow in alignment with my desire.

Workout : walking, jogging, endurance exercise, weight lifting

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