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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nature working in harmony

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 106

Everyday, we enjoy walking through the garden and observing nature at work; the bees and the butterflies doing their thing, easily and effortlessly, while aiding the pollination process. Even though the bees and butterflies are there to suck the nectar for their own purpose, nature has designed it that in going about their affairs, they are helping another fulfill their purpose, as well. The bees and butterflies need the nectar for their own survival and the flowers need to be pollinated for the same reason as well, to reach full maturity to bear fruit.

We were all designed in such a way for everything to work in complete harmony. If we all did what was naturally designed for us to do according to our natural abilities and not what has been drummed into our heads of what others think that we should be doing, we will naturally go about our daily business busying ourselves with our given joyous assignment and meeting the needs of others at the same time. Everyone would have what they needed to live and fulfill their purpose.

Bees and butterflies have very unique ways of extracting the nectar from the flowers. They are skilled in using their bodies to aid them in the process. And although they busy themselves collecting as much nectar as possible, when they're tired they rest right on the petals.

You have also been given the skill set necessary to carry out your own personal assignment to fulfilling your destiny. Everything you need is written within your heart. The blue print lies within you just as it lies within the bees. Whatever help you need to effectively carry out your purpose has already been provided for you. It is for you do decide that you will do your part to live the life you were designed to live, and in so doing, work in harmony with others on the same path to fulfilling their destiny.

Busy yourself like the bees and butterflies in what you were meant to be and as you find joy in your work, you will be working in harmony with others satisfying their needs.

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