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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Get out of your comfort zone!

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 112

As if locked in a trance, both our dogs were fixated on something in one of the apple trees in the yard. We observed a squirrel in the tree attempting to make an escape from the dogs. As it tried to jump to the cedar tree close by, it fell to the ground and both dogs scampered after it. It barely escaped from their grasp as it quickly ran back up the apple tree.

Later today, I saw the squirrel jump the cedar, apple and Rowan berry trees. It climbed down the wooden post and walked along the metal fence which blocked in our dogs and jumped down to the grass in an attempt to make its escape. The dogs chased after it and it scurried up the fence back into the Rowan berry tree and then the cedar tree - trapped once again in its safety zone.

What the squirrel failed to understand was that the dogs couldn't go pass the fence and had it just kept running once it got down on the grass, it would have been completely free to go where ever it wanted to.

Many people remain in their comfort zones afraid to leave because of fear. They stay even though danger lurks and they're afraid. They'd rather take the risk of being scared and remain in their comfort zone than facing the fear head on and move to safety despite the impending danger.

I could see that the squirrel was completely safe, but until it was willing to take the risk to keep moving forward in spite of the dogs, it would remain trapped in the comfort zone of the trees. It was safe there but it was not free - not free to go and come as it pleases. Every attempt the squirrel made to leave was interrupted by the attack of the dogs and as a result of fear it ran back up the tree.

How many times have you attempted to come out of your comfort zone but have been paralyzed by fear only to retreat into your shell? Face the fear, look it square in the face and keep moving forward to safety. For your comfort zone is only there to keep you bound and limited and not experience total freedom but only a facade of safety. In your comfort zone, you cannot truly be you. You are boxed in and before long it will stifle the life out of you.

Once you make the decision to go forward, you'd soon realize that the thing you feared could not hurt you because there was real no real danger in the first place; only a 'shadow of death' trying to hold you hostage.

It takes great courage to get out of the comfort zone but no more than staying in. You are free. Go forward out of your comfort zone and live in freedom.

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