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Monday, September 7, 2009

The law of giving and receiving - Part 1

Getting my body back - Day 127

I had blocked breast duct over the weekend and if you've breastfed a baby you'd know how painful this is, if you've ever experienced it. For the guys who are reading this, just bear with me, there's a good lesson here regardless of gender.

A blocked duct can occur when baby does not completely empty the breast on feeding. The milk pools in one of the milk ducts and blocks the milk flow. So here I was, feeling cold chills and a bit feverish as I climbed into bed. Yes, these are couple of the symptoms. When I woke up the next morning, I got a hot water bottle and applied it to the area to loosen things up, remove the block and get the flow happening again. I put the baby into different feeding positions to clear the block.

As I was sitting in my quiet zone, I questioned why I was experiencing this. Yes, I did explain why a blocked duct occurs but I was looking at something deeper here. Sometimes things come to us in natural forms which are avenues for us to glean deeper spiritual wisdom that simplifies certain principles for us, if we're paying attention when they arrive. I thought that if this is a blockage, what's the deeper meaning here?

Every time baby feeds, Mother Nature has ensured that the milk is released from the milk duct down through the nipples to baby's mouth. The more the baby sucks the more milk is produced. When baby reduces feeds the milk supply lowers.

The law of giving and receiving says, "The more we give, the more we receive." Our receiving is in direct relation to our giving. It may not always come back in the same form as we gave it, but it does come back to us. If we keep our channel of giving open, we will always receive freely as we have given. The opposite is always true, we hurt ourselves and block our receiving, whether we are consciously aware of it or not, by our withholding and not giving out all that we can give.

I've been giving milk to my baby but she was not completely emptying out the breast, and as a result of that, the milk remained and formed a blockage. The very thing that we did not completely give out, when it is in our power to give freely and completely can turn out to be the thing that blocks our receiving.

Whenever we have opportunity to give, we need to give all that we can to help another and do not withhold that which we know we should give. If you feel that you're not receiving, check your giving and begin by paying attention and applying the warmth of love to loosen up the blockage and get things flowing.

Fuelling words: I open my channels of giving that I may freely receive.

Workout: weight lifting, walking, jogging, endurance exercise

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