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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stay focused

Getting my body back - Day 137

As I did my lunges today during my workout routine, I was painfully reminded of the importance of staying focused and not allowing my mind to drift off onto other things. I don't particularly like lunges because I feel very awkward doing them. Practicing perfect form is essential at this stage for me in order to avoid injury. In my distracted state of mind, I got into the lunge position and felt a sharp pain in my knee. I sat down immediately and opened myself to the healing energy of love. My knee was okay and I resumed to my other workout.

We can only get the best out of every moment when we stay focused on the present. If we are looking in the past, no matter how wonderful it may have been, or dreaming about the future, if we are not mentally engaged in what we are currently doing we'd miss the golden opportunity that the present moment has to offer.

Have you ever stopped to think about when you have an accident or make a mistake what you were thinking about at the time? Many errors occur when we're rushing to get something else done or our minds are preoccupied at the moment.

When we stay focused on the current activity we have more control over what's occurring and could take necessary actions to avoid errors and avert accidents. Being preoccupied causes us to miss the subtle warnings and instructions of inner wisdom.

How do we stay focused?


When we make a firm decision to stay focused on whatever it is we're doing, we become more consciously aware of our thoughts so that we're able to bring ourselves back to the current activity when we drift off.


At first, it may seem like you constantly have to remind yourself to stay focused, but if you're persistent in your practice of being focused it becomes less difficult over time.

Daily reminder

Posting a 'Stay focused' sign on your computer or on your refrigerator will serve as a conscious, as well as, a subconscious reminder during the day. At times when we make decisions to adopt a new habit, we tend to forget. A little sticky note posted in a prominent place will help you stay on track.

Be in the moment as much as you can and experience fresh new ideas and enjoyment of life.

Fuelling words: I remind myself daily to stay focused on the current workout to reap the benefits of each movement.

Workout - walking, weight training

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