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Monday, September 21, 2009

Thank your way through disappointments

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 115

We began uprooting our corn stalks. The corn didn't do very well; they were very small and given the amount that we had planted and how they were growing, we really expected to have a greater and healthier yield. However, in spite of the size, the corns we harvested were very sweet. And for the first time ever, we've tried eating them raw. We've always had cooked corn; either boiled or roasted but never raw, and surprisingly, it was quite tasty. I've actually done a little research after this to see if other people are actually eating it raw and I come across some interesting recipes to try with raw corn as part of a salad.

Despite our disappointment with our corn, we're still thankful; thankful for the opportunity to be able to grow corn in the first place, the valuable lessons learned during this time and the opportunity to discover that we can actually eat them raw. In addition to this, we are very grateful that a lot of our other crops gave a good yield.

We could have continued to focus on our disappointment, but what good would that have done? We can't change the past; it's already done and over with. We're trying to find out why our crop was not a huge success and once we get the information then we'd be prepared for the next time we decide to grow corn again.

We learn from our errors and keep moving on. When we find ourselves dwelling on our disappointment, we shift our conversation and thinking and begin to be thankful for what we have now.

When we put ourselves in the mind frame of thankfulness, we are sending out positive energy to the Universe and we begin to attract that positive energy back to ourselves and open the door for the flow of the goodness of God's Spirit energy to move into and through our lives.

Thanking your way through disappointments causes you to see the good in the adversity and focus on the good that we still have in our lives despite the setbacks.

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