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Monday, September 28, 2009

Baby Weights?

Getting my body back - Day 136

I started my workout today and here I am getting into the swing of things. Just when I began to do my weight training, baby Roxella decided that she wants mommy. What was I to do? Guess who became my new set of weights? Yep, you guessed it - Ms. Roxella. So I traded in my dumbbells for baby weights. She was quite pleased just to be in mommy's arms and really enjoyed the up and down movements. As a matter of fact, she's heavier than my weights which made my workout a bit more challenging and fun, as well.

We need to be open to embrace life at any stage of the game. Everyday has new and interesting experiences and we only get the best out of it when we let go of our rigid mindset and open our minds for adventures. Sometimes we get fixed in our routines that we lose the spontaneity of life, and then we become bored of the monotony and lose our zest for life's explorations.

So exactly how do we deprogram ourselves from such rigid mindset to embrace spontaneity?

Let go

Plan your schedule, work your plan and let go of the outcome. It is in the letting go that we are open to peacefully embrace the small miracles each day holds. And as we let go, we allow the Spirit to enhance our day in ways we would never have thought possible or would have orchestrated.

Know that all good comes to me

Know and expect that everything in your life will work out for your good no matter how awful they may seem at the moment.

A year ago I was driving into the city to take a course. It was the last day of the course and I was late. I began feeling panicky inside and immediately I felt the wisdom - Calm down, just relax. So I adopted a mindset of peace. When I got there, I was looking for a parking spot at the parking meters. I found a spot, got out of the vehicle and was about to put money into the meter. To my surprise, the parking meter had enough money in it to cover me for the entire day. I was grateful and thankful for this miracle that I had that day.

But it didn't stop there, after the class I went to do some shopping before I headed home and when I got to the store I had to pay another parking meter. You guessed it, there was also money left in the meter, enough to cover me for the duration of the time in the store with some time left over when I left.

When we relax into the moment and allow things to unfold we give ourselves the permission to experience the flow of the Spirit.

Fuellings words: I leave my mind open to embrace the beauty and wonder each day holds.

Workout: walking, step exercise, weight training

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