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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Are you uprooting your dreams?

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 111

When we first began to sow the seeds in our garden, our 7 year old daughter was so excited she decided to get her own little spot to grow her own garden. She uprooted some flowers from around the yard and transplanted them into her garden.

The next day she uprooted the flowers and planted them into another spot. Every time she planted she'd uproot them and plant them again. This was her way of being active and keep the excitement of gardening alive. She was told that if she keeps uprooting them, how will they get a chance to grow.

She insisted that she wanted to sow some seeds. We decided to give her cucumber and watermelon seeds and made sure that she didn't uproot them. Today, she has a very beautiful garden and had a great yield from the cucumbers. The watermelons started out really well but the coolness started getting to them.

Many times dreams are uprooted when we change our minds from what we initially set out to do. Sometimes impatience has a big part to play when we don't see things going or growing the way we expect them to. Then we uproot our plans in our thoughts, words and actions.

Our daughter did learn that the only way she was going to see her garden grow was by leaving the seeds and plants in the ground and allowing them to grow naturally as she tended them - weeding and watering them.

If we give up and uproot our dreams, we'd never know the harvest we could have had if we just did our part and allow things to turn out naturally.

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