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Monday, September 7, 2009

Thrive in the midst of adversity

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 110

The weather has gotten much cooler now, especially at nights, and its beginning to affect some of our flowers and vegetables. The larger squash are doing very well, but some of the young ones have turned yellow and are falling off the vine. The cucumbers in the main vegetable garden have given a great yield but some of the younger ones are also turning yellow. On the other hand, our 7 year old daughter had started her own cucumber garden and they are doing quite well, even the younger ones are holding up to the cooler weather.

Many of us handle adversity in different ways and our tolerance varies depending on the level of the severity of the adversity. When we face adversity, we begin to show signs of intolerance at our breaking point - frustration, annoyance, fear etc. But when the roots of our inner being are anchored deep in the soil of the Spirit, we become like evergreens; fresh, tall and strong regardless of the external conditions.

As we stay connected to our Source and allow the warmth of love to keep our hearts soft and tender, we begin to see and approach life differently. Whatever situation we encounter, we are not shaken because we know that we will come through. Therefore, we stand strong and patiently await the day when our outward experience has fully aligned itself with the inward favourable conditions of the heart. As a matter of fact, we find rest, peace and joy so that we can truly thrive in the midst of adversity.

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