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Friday, September 11, 2009

The law of giving and receiving - Part 5 - You are the river bed

Getting my body back -Day 131

Feel like you're giving and giving but not receiving in return? Maybe you're looking in the wrong place to receive. Your Source is not rested in the arms of the manifested but rooted in the soil of the Spirit who is your Source.

A river bed is always open to the flow of receiving and giving water. There's no difference between the two, giving and receiving - it's a continuous flow. It's all in the openness of the bed and the level of freedom from debris that determines the freshness and consistent movement of the water flow. The wider and deeper the river bed the greater the capacity to receive and give water.

Look to God for the reward on your giving, but more so, be consciously aware that you are the river bed that the water flows through and as the river bed, as long as you remain open, your Source of life of Living Water will always flow to you. Looking to the banks to keep you flowing is a sure way to stop the flow. As a river bed is open to the water and clear of debris, so you must be open to receive and to give. You are the river bed. Your Source is the water.

Take the emphasis off your looking to the limited, which is external sources and focus on the limitless which is within - the Unlimited Source.

As you make your request to God, release the outcome and focus on giving that the channel to your receiving will be open through your giving.

Fuelling words: I am the river bed. God is the abundant supply that flows through me. I have all I need for I am one with infinite supply.

Workout: endurance exercise, stretching, weight lifting, walking, gardening

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