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Friday, September 4, 2009

Hindrances to coming out of your bud

Tending the garden of the heart - Day 109

The blossoms come before the bud and sometimes many of these buds never make it to the next stage due to varied reasons. One of them is a result of adverse weather conditions and others may be due to improper care or lack of water. Whatever the reason, they never reach their full potential of blossoming.

Similarly, with our lives, we may be faced with many different issues that hinder us from coming into full bloom. But the main issue is usually based on fear which expresses itself in many different ways.

Hindrances to coming out of your bud

1) Fear of Success

Sometimes when faced with the possibility of achieving success fear of success grips the heart - fear of having a lot of money may cripple a person from coming out of their bud. Therefore, they shrink inwardly and stop the emerging process of blossoming from occurring.

2) Fear of Attention

Flowers in full bloom draw attention, not only of insects - bees and butterflies - but also of people; we like to admire and smell these beauties. Some people are afraid of all the attention, sometimes due to an inferiority complex that makes them think that they're not good enough or undeserving of such attention. Ever noticed flowers? They never care whether anyone approve or not or if they deserve to bloom or not. They do what is natural for them - bloom.

3) Fear of being ridiculed

Some people are afraid to succeed because of fear of being ridiculed by their family or friends. "Who do you think you are?" or "Who are you trying to play?" or "You think you're better than us?" or " You can't hold on the all that success because you're nothing but a loser." Flowers, even if they're growing among weeds, still do what they do naturally - bloom.

4) Insecurity

Fear brings insecurity and if a person is insecure, the fear of losing what they have may overwhelm them to the point of making them become afraid of blossoming.

Flowers have no problem displaying their beauty. They're not showing off. It is their nature to allow love to set them free to bloom. It is also in your nature to bloom where you are - in your family, your community and your world.

Flowers bloom right in your back yard and so should you. Bloom where you are and let the bees and butterflies find your sweet nectar and call their friends.

Lay aside your fears and allow your natural beauty to emerge from within and allowing you to shine and in the process, let others share in your beauty, as well.

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