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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Circle of Life

Salmon run is here.

My husband and kids took this picture of this Coho salmon at the river.

We're still waiting for our squash to mature. Two young ones are coming along nicely. Hope they do well in cooler weather.

We're waiting for this squash to come to full maturity.

We've cleared out all the cucumbers. A little at a time, everything's going back to the way we started.

Everything has a time and a season. The season of planting has come and gone and now it is time to harvest. It is also salmon season where these salmon begin to spawn and then die.

We all have a purpose to which we are assigned and an allotted time on earth to fulfill it. Neither plants nor fish waste their time, and with this in mind, we need to use every moment possible in fulfilling what we came to earth to do.

Sometimes our day to day purpose may vary in different seasons of our lives. For example, there was a time before I had children when my focus was on other aspects of spiritual growth. Now that I have children, I nurture them and impart this knowledge and wisdom to them. The time will come when they will no longer need my care in the same capacity. I will still continue to be there for them for guidance but my role would have changed somewhat. The time that I spent with them would then be used for other things.

Seasons in our lives come and go and some things remain constant within that season - change. Change brings many fresh ideas and hidden gems of wisdom -some, we take for granted. The key is paying attention and ask, "What is the lesson here that I need to know." We miss so much when our minds are so wrapped up with our personal issues and even though the answer is staring us right in the face, we are so blinded by these problems that we miss the lesson along with the solution.

Many things we learned over the summer are not things we are unfamiliar with. The difference is this time, we were paying close attention and as a result a new level of spiritual awareness and growth has been achieved.

Slow down and take a closer look at your life as if with a magnifying glass and as you go through your daily activities, each day has its precious treasures waiting for you to extract so that you can move to the next level.

Today is your day to embrace change and flow with the circle of life.

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